Watch out for illegitimate house clearance companies

We specialise in house clearance Lincoln residents can rely on. Unfortunately, not everyone providing services like ours are professionals. Rather, they try and get money out of people without providing a quality service in return.

Rogue traders offering house clearance services can do many wrongs. Many of them fail to dispose of your waste in a way that is legal. Not only does this harm the environment, but you could be prosecuted if it traces back to you. We always recycle as many of your items as possible at our waste management facility.




To help you understand what to look out for, we have set out some common indications of rogue traders below.


Asking for cash upfront is a very bad sign. This allows them to leave without doing any work. It also means that if they do the work and it is poor, you will have a lot of trouble arguing.


What information are they giving you? You should always double check people’s details. Some people going door to door may be legitimate, but it can be hard to tell on the surface. It is very easy to check what people are telling you though. They should also sound confident in the service they’re providing. People offering services should be giving out their details so you can check.




Some people hear that someone is offering a service for a very low cost and love the idea. Not relying on a professional though could make the costs add up in the end.


Without the right tools, knowledge and experience, people can damage your property. In the process of removing your unwanted items, it’s easy to drop heavier objects or hit them against walls. They may also resort to stealing from you once they gain access to your home. If they fail to show up at all, it is not only costly but bad if you have a deadline.


Rely On Us


Our team works with you to give a service suited to your needs. Picking the best time, we clear out what you want us to with care. We will even clean up after ourselves too. When you are looking for a great way to clear your waste or some advice, contact us.


Regardless of the size of the property and the mess, we can help you. We also work to clear out office and business premises if you require this. We are fully licensed waste carriers and we’re registered with the Environment Agency.


LRCS provides a cost effective service while allowing you to have peace of mind that we are experts. So many people consider us as the best house clearance Lincoln has to offer. This is down to our outstanding customer service and the care we take in our work. If you have any queries do not hesitate to get in touch with us.