A skip is essential when preparing for winter

Waste disposal is a problem for many people. With the services we provide however, things become much easier. We are known for providing the highest quality skip hire Lincoln can offer. Delivering skips six days a week, even on Saturdays, you can rely on us if you require assistance.

Winter normally begins on December 22nd, the shortest day of the year. However, this often feels more like the middle of the season rather than the start. Not to mention, it puts you straight into the centre of the Christmas festivities. Why wait to hire a skip? Autumn is the ideal time to acquire one and get ready. The following are ways you can prepare for winter and provide yourself with a stress-free holiday.

Clear things out

Skip hire LincolnStart off with a pre-Christmas clear out. You might love Christmas and the New Year. However, at times, this time of year can feel wet, dark, and cold. Therefore, it pays to make your property as homely as possible. With one of these clean outs, you can make more room for guests. Additionally, you will have space for decorations like the tree. It can stand there proud without being surrounded by clutter.

A good tip here is to not stop at the visible rubbish. Empty your cupboards and drawers of anything you no longer need. Free up some space for what you use regularly.

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The wardrobe

Give yourself a clean and lean wardrobe too. Get rid of any tatty old clothing and make way for winter outfits. Make certain each item has clean air around it to stop them from becoming musty and damp. Bulkier clothes like thick cardigans and jumpers are ones many people vacuum pack and put away in summer. Once they are back out though, they will require extra hanging space.

Many people horde clothes they never wear. Some you can hand down and others can go to the charity shops. As for anything that is too worn out, you would probably be best off putting them in a skip.

Avoid neglecting the garden

Make certain you don’t neglect the garden either. Windy and wet weather can make this work feel even more like a slog. However, providing the outdoors with some TLC is crucial. Be smart here too. Fallen leaves will provide your flowerbeds with mulch. As for your lawn, the year’s last grass clippings can really benefit it. If you have rotten and weak branches to remove though, or are cutting back on the shrubs, it is best to hire a skip.

Arrange skip hire in Lincoln today

LRCS skips come in a variety of sizes. This includes the smaller 2-yard models and the larger 8-yard ones. In addition, our team can offer you a filling service to save you the job. Whatever you need, we can take care of it.

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