An ineffective and dangerous disposal method

We are a company that specialises in skip hire. However, that is not our only area of expertise. Sometimes, you will need to take a different approach. This is why we provide the best services for house clearance Lincoln has. You can count on us when you have a large number of items you want to dispose of. This could be because you are moving, need to make more space, or any other reason.

One of the main problems relating to waste disposal is fly-tipping. If you didn’t know already, it is illegal. However, that does not stop it from happening. It seems that with each passing year, more people are participating in this act. Should you choose to do it, you can expect fines of up to £50,000. Alternatively, there could be a lengthy prison sentence.

Why do people do it?

House clearance LincolnThe reasons why people partake in this act typically boil down to saving money and laziness. Sadly some will throw their rubbish away anywhere they can rather than pay to use a local waste or recycling centre. There have been several instances of individuals fly-tipping on private drives and car parks. They end up blocking the way for people who live close by and cause big environmental problems.

Aside from having unwanted trash on the premises, there are other reasons why fly-tipping is illegal. For one thing, it is dangerous. Sharp items can harm any humans and animals close by. Due to fly-tippers, dogs have been injured on walks. Dangers to local wildlife include getting hurt by the waste, getting trapped by it, or consuming it. Also, fly-tipping is able to turn once beautiful environments into complete eye sores.

One of the worst parts of this is that you can actually recycle a lot of the waste. If the right people handle it, there could be far fewer issues and it would save resources.

It becomes the landowner’s problem

Sadly, when people fly-tip the landowner then has to dispose of it. You might have had this unfortunate experience yourself at some point. If so, you need to get the right people in to take care of it. Our waste clearance company is not only highly experienced, but we also work for very competitive rates.

We offer the best help and advice for house clearance in Lincoln

At LRCS we use our clearance services to provide assistance when a skip is not necessary or possible. Our team members will arrive at the right time and dispose of the refuse for you. They will do so with the assistance of our lorries or vans. They can also offer you useful advice for handling waste in the future.

So, if you require services for house clearance Lincoln residents can rely on, please give us a call. We can help you to organise the perfect service for any need.