Beware of using landfill and leachate

We are a business that specialises in providing skips for its customers. In addition, we supply the finest services for rubbish clearance Lincoln has. People choose it for all kinds of reasons. For example they may need help with the clearing. Or they may have a short window to tackle the job. What we do here is remove all the waste from your property and transport it to our facility using our vans or lorries.

Rubbish clearance LincolnAlthough there has been a lot of effort to promote recycling and alternative methods of waste disposal, dumping in landfill remains the most common method. People all around the world do it. Landfills are complete eye sores and they cause all kinds of unpleasant problems. This includes bad smells and environmental damage. The waste in the landfill can harm the land, water, and air.

Sadly many businesses also resort to using landfill when recycling is often a viable option. Many do it for similar reasons to households; it is cheaper to throw things in a dump. To help you understand the negatives of their use, we are going to cover the problems of dumping waste in landfills.

Green house gas production

We will begin with the most widely known issue, which is green house gases (GHG). They are harmful to our health, the ozone layer, and the environment. Landfill waste is a big producer of GHG. They contain different kinds of waste. This includes electronics, medical, chemical, food, paper, and plastic. When many of these items decompose, they generate the harmful gases. If you would like to use the most reliable services for rubbish clearance Lincoln has, speak to our team.


These are chemical substances that harm human health and the environment. Any kind of trash that decomposes will hold toxic substances. E-wastes, chemical waste, and medical wastes in particular tend to contain high amounts. They can lead to the pollution of atmospheric air, groundwater, and land.


One word that might be unfamiliar to you however is leachate. This is a dangerous liquid that forms in waste. It is an incredibly toxic substance that makes the land unstable. Furthermore, it causes it to lose its cultivating abilities. The liquid waste can make its way to nearby rivers too, leading to diseases for the local wildlife. Humans can also be affected by this.

Efficient rubbish clearance in Lincoln

At LRCS we strive to be highly efficient when it comes to clearing properties. What we aim to do is ensure we have the right vehicle and a suitable number of people to tackle the job for you. We don’t leave a mess either, as we sweep after every job. Our people always arrive by appointment so you should have no trouble with scheduling.

So, please contact us if you need to use the best services for rubbish clearance Lincoln has. We are also responsible with all waste we collect, prioritising recycling and reuse rather than landfill.