Can I use my neighbour’s skip?

Skip hire LincolnWaste management is often a difficult and time consuming task. With a skip however, things become much easier to deal with. We assist clients by providing theses containers six days of the week. In addition, we offer a myriad of sizes so that we can meet individual requirements. Thanks to the way we do business, we have become the foremost business working in skip hire Lincoln has.

It is not yours to use

One topic we feel that needs discussing is putting waste into someone else’s skip. You probably have a few things you need to dispose of, and your neighbours might have an empty skip. Maybe you are thinking that they won’t mind if you use it. However, if you do without permission you are breaking the law. It is actually a form of fly tipping, so you can face legal action and a fine reaching £5,000.

In this post, we are going to tell you all you need to know about fly tipping and using someone else’s skip.


The person who hired the skip is responsible for any waste put in it. Sadly, if there is a person fly tipping in your skip, you could face the penalty. That is unless you catch them in the act.

Check things regularly

It is vital that you check the objects inside your skip frequently. Someone could have put a prohibited item inside, with you being none the wiser. It is possible that you could get fined when the skip gets removed. So, keep an eye out and note any items that you didn’t throw in.

Another thing you can try is installing CCTV. Then, if you do find things you didn’t put in the skip, you can find evidence of who did. If you have a case of fly tipping you know about, you can report it by contacting the local council. This can save you from the penalties. Please let us know if you need the greatest services for skip hire Lincoln has.

How to prevent fly tipping

Preventing the problem can prove tricky, but there are tricks and tips you can use. Speaking to your neighbours is one way of lowering the chances of fly tipping. Since you can’t always keep your eyes on the skip, ask your neighbours to come to you if they spot anything.

Putting your skip in the garden or on the driveway if possible is also a great idea. Fly tipping tends to happen when skips are on public roads. Keeping them away from the general public will be beneficial.

Finally, you should cover the skip at the end of the day. This will deter people from using it. Most individuals don’t want to go through the hassle of removing the cover. You could even choose a skip with a lid you can lock if you want even more protection.

Skip hire in Lincoln from a local expert

LRCS is a family-run business that aims to assist the people of Lincoln and its surrounding villages. We are also a team that commits to lowering landfill by recycling when possible. The waste goes to our licensed Waste Management Facility where we sort it all and recycle what we can to save the resources.

So, contact our team if you require the finest skip hire Lincoln can offer you. We can arrange a time and date to suit any needs, and you can keep skips as long as you need them.