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Get a clean and clear space by tidying your garage

Waste clearance LincolnMany people look for somewhere with a garage when searching for a new home. However, when they get one, a lot of them fail to use it effectively. Sure, it can be a big help by providing you with additional storage space. Sadly, far too often it ends up as a home for random junk and items you don’t use. It tends to become a dumping ground and makes it hard to find things when you search for with them. Well, with our advice and the help of services for waste clearance Lincoln trusts, this does not have to be the case. Continue reading

Tackling the garden and the waste it leaves

Many of us have had to spend a lot of time at home in the last few months. This has been the perfect chance to finally get around to the jobs we always mean to do but never get the chance to. A fantastic place where you can find these kinds of tasks is the garden. At the same time as improving your home, you can get some fresh air while keeping safe. When it comes to moving waste left from these jobs, you won’t want to be making multiple trips to a local tip, especially given the current situation. Because of this, you should look into other options such as services like ours for rubbish clearance in Lincoln. Continue reading

When house clearance services can come in handy

House clearance LincolnA lot of people believe that house clearances are solely for when someone has passed away and people need to deal with the belongings left in their home. We won’t deny that this is a significant portion of what we do. However, there are a lot of other reasons someone might use our services. In fact, there are numerous situations that might result in someone calling on us for help completing a house clearance in Lincoln. Continue reading

Sort out before you move out

The easing of lockdown restrictions means that there can be more activity in the property market. Consequently, those who were part way through moving home when everything halted back in March can now continue their move. They will need to follow social distancing though. As you are packing up your home, take this opportunity to sort through everything you own. This will allow you to avoid taking things that you no longer need or want. To help with this, you can call our team for reliable waste clearance in Lincoln. Continue reading

Understanding what to do when it comes to plasterboard and skips

Plasterboard is a material that results in a lot of confusion when people need to dispose of it. One of the issues people have is they don’t know whether they can throw it in a skip. The reason for this stems from the fact that once upon a time, you could do just that in certain instances. However, now it is not the case. The change is because of claims of dangers surrounding the material. So, if you were looking for skip hire in Lincoln and wanted to put plasterboard in it, you will need to make other arrangements. Continue reading