Clearing a house after someone has passed on

Our versatility makes us one of the best for house clearance Lincoln has. You can always depend on us for work that is high quality as well as thorough. This includes operating in various situations to clear a property quickly.

A Hard Time

When someone you know has passed on, whether friend or family, there is a lot that you need to do. One such task may be clearing out their home. This can be a long, difficult and potentially stressful process.


The main thing that you need to do is identify valuable keepsakes and important documents. You will want to keep these for the future. After that you should discard smaller items and those that are of no use. Arranging to dispose of these can build up negative feelings and distress. To make it easy, rely on a professional house clearance company instead.

A Simpler Way

Ours is a service that can efficiently remove everything from a property you no longer wish to keep. We take care at all times, ensuring we don’t damage anything or take something by accident. At the same time we won’t bump into walls or doorframes, keeping them safe too.

Our approach to waste disposal is responsible. We do this through recycling everything possible at our Waste Management facility. As a result we can prevent the unnecessary filling of landfill sites and help the environment.


Regardless of the amount of mess or the size of the property, we will take away all rubbish and items that you do not want. We finish off with a thorough sweep to make the process simple for you. As members of the UK House Clearance Association, you can have confidence in us. You will only ever receive high quality work and customer care from us.

Whether you are looking to learn more about our work or want to get started, you can reach LRCS at 01522 684 776. We are the providers of leading skip hire and house clearance Lincoln can depend on. If you have the job of clearing a home that is not your own we can offer useful advice and the very best support.