Clearing during bereavement

House clearance LincolnIn many cases, people use skips for all of their waste disposal needs. However, there will be situations where they won’t work. In these cases, we provide the best services for waste clearance Lincoln has. Our people come in and dispose of the items using lorries and vans. This offers a fast turnaround and also means you don’t need to find somewhere to put a skip.

One subject we feel that needs discussing is clearing a property following a loved one’s passing. Family members who have lost someone have a great weight to bear. As a result, organising their possessions can be highly challenging. It is often mentally as well as physically exhausting. They may not possess the ability emotionally to handle every job while they are grieving. What we are going to do is talk about the steps to can take to organise the property to make it easier.


First and foremost, you must secure the property. If the previous owner was living alone, it may be worth it to change the locks. This shall save you the effort of having to find copies of the front and back door keys. You should also take the time to cancel any subscriptions your relative had. This way, there won’t be large amounts of post piling up in the hallway. You won’t have to deal with as much clutter later on. Please let us know if you need the leading services for waste clearance Lincoln has.

Starting the clearance

When you get to clearing out the property, you should begin by going through everything. Look for documents you may need and valuables you want to keep. Take smaller jewellery items and put them somewhere safe. Documents you need to seek out include insurance policies. These can be ones relating to the individual’s life insurance or the house itself. Look for bank statements too, as well as documents regarding shares or private savings. Marriage and birth certificates are also vital.

Personal belongings and organisation

Once you gather all the paperwork and small valuables, you can go through everything else. This may be the hardest part of the process since it is going to be extremely emotional. Take things steadily and have breaks when you need them. Something that can help is organising items by labelling them. You can put them into separate piles too. Normally, there will be four categories here:

  • Objects you want to keep and maybe pass on
  • Items that you can sell
  • Things you can donate
  • Items you can throw away

Waste clearance in Lincoln to accommodate your needs

At LRCS we have experienced and friendly staff that will help you no matter your situation. The support we offer is perfect for any requirements, including tricky times such as bereavement. We do what we can to accommodate your needs, and keep everything as simple as we can.

So, if you require the finest services for waste clearance Lincoln has, feel free to contact us. We will arrange everything to suit you.