Common tips regarding skip hire safety

Being one of the leading providers of skip hire Lincoln has to offer, we can firmly say we are very safety conscious. To place a skip in line with the current health and safety regulations it must firstly be positioned on a stable, flat surface in a clear area. This will make it a much easier process of filling while preventing damage to property and people.


In the case of not having private land available to position your skip, placing it on a public road may be the only option. If this is the situation, you must inform the provider so that the required permit and equipment is prepared. LRCS can arrange this for you.


Additionally, making sure the skip is loaded effectively and safely is paramount. We tend to recommend our clients to load larger and heavier waste first; this provides efficiency as smaller items will generally fill in any gaps left, ensuring you get the most for your money.


However, take care when loading heavier waste as people are more prone to back injury. If at all possible, get someone else to help load the skip for you. Any time you handle a heavy item, make sure you keep your back straight and lift using your legs.


It is absolutely vital the skip isn’t overfilled. This is so it is still legal for us to come and collect. As long as the waste contents aren’t tipping past the top of the sides it should be fine to remove. In most cases its ideal to order a skip size larger than you require, this way you won’t have to fork out extra for a second one if you have underestimated how much rubbish there is.


The most important aspect of skips is making sure what you are filling it with is legal. Any hazardous waste such as fridges, batteries, paint and tyres are prohibited. Fortunately, many of them can be recycled at a specialist centre. If you want a full list of prohibited items, just ask.


Hopefully, this has provided you with some useful information surrounding the services we offer. When you need skip hire Lincoln has no team with more knowledge than us. Therefore, if you require such a service, consider contacting LRCS for a professional, high quality waste solution.