Dealing with waste during the lockdown

Rubbish clearance LincolnAs specialists in waste management, we must be able to meet the requirements of all our clients. To make this happen, we supply services for rubbish clearance Lincoln inhabitants can depend on. We recommend them when there is a time we can’t use a skip in a practical way.

These days we are all spending much more time at home. While we are here, many of us will be ticking off those jobs we have been putting off for ages. It is also likely that you have amassed a substantial number of unwanted objects since Christmas. During such difficult times, it is easier to appreciate the waste clearance services we have at our disposal.

One thing you may need to do here is ask yourself what you can do with the items you don’t want anymore. There is some advice we have on the situation that we would like to share.

Box it all up

If you have donations, you should box them up in preparation for when all the charity shops re-open. Your plan to declutter the house might have left you with a lot of things you could donate. Organise them, box them, and secure them at your house. Charity shops are being grateful that individuals are setting their still usable items aside in such testing times. When everything re-opens, they will benefit considerably. Right now, it is best to keep everything to one side and take it all away at the right time.

Whatever you do, avoid leaving your donations outside the charity shops. Your intentions may be good. However, charities are making it clear to people that they should not do this. In most cases there is no way for them to gather the objects and safely store them. If you leave them outside, there is a good chance that animals or the weather are going to ruin them. In addition, there is the possibility of them being stolen.

No wheelie bins

Something else you should not do is put refuse you would transport to the tip in your wheelie bin. One in four recycling collections and one in ten local authority bin collections has had interruptions. This has been occurring all over the UK thanks to the pandemic. Certain areas have had surges in the level of waste left outside for collection. Councils are asking people to hold onto their decluttering items until the recycling centres are back at full capacity.

Trust us for rubbish clearance in Lincoln

At Lincs Rubbish Clearance we help clients to clear whatever it is they need clearing. We have our staff arrive by appointment. They will remove the waste at a time that suits you. Not to mention, they will take as much of it as possible to our personal licensed waste management facility. Here we focus on sorting it so we recycle and reuse as much as possible.

If you would like help, please keep in mind we provide rubbish clearance Lincoln residents can rely on. You can contact us today if you need help.