Estate clearance made easy

We are known for offering the best services for skip hire Lincoln has ever seen. The reason why people love using us is because ours is a comprehensive service. In addition to supplying the skips for office, house, and general use, our team can fill them up for you. They will even clean up after themselves. Plus, we are available to deliver six days out of seven.

Losing someone is very difficult emotionally. On top of this, you may also have the challenging task of clearing out their estate. There might be years’ worth of items to go through. There can be many memories here too. As a result, it might be wise to get help as you go. We have some tips to share with you here that can make things more manageable.

Important documents

Skip hire LincolnOne thing you need to do is set the important documents aside. These will likely include details relating to life and home insurance, and a will. Other documents you may need to keep include utility receipts and bank statements. This information will be necessary if you intend to close any bank accounts and collect on insurance policies. Ideally, the will should state what needs doing, as well as how the things will be divided.

You will have to redirect post too. Any documents that come in the post have to get redirected to someone else. This person needs to be the one responsible for answering letters and making payments. It should not be too difficult if you contact the post office.

Hire a skip

Skips are always helpful too. When clearing an estate out, you will discover that there are many objects that people don’t want to retain. The majority of estates come with clutter. Because of this, you will have to dispose of many things. Hiring a skip is a practical choice. By acquiring one, you can remove rubbish immediately and put it inside. This will give you more room to sort out the other items. Let us know if you require skip hire Lincoln residents can trust.


Remember to set a time limit too. It can be hard to work through an estate without getting emotional. Doing the work in two or four hour shifts can be beneficial. Work and then rest to give yourself a break. Just make sure to set a time limit to finish. Everything needs to be moved out so that you have enough space and time to clean up.

We will help you however we can

At LRCS, we offer a friendly and helpful approach to waste clearance. Regardless of the clients’ requirements, our team aims to meet their needs. In addition, we can provide practical advice should you request it.

So, if you need skip hire Lincoln residents can rely on, please give our team a call. We cater for most needs and offer excellent value for money.