Everything landlords need to do when cleaning houses

It is not unheard of for people to have homes full of clutter. Usually, you would fill your car and take it to a local waste facility. Or, if there is a lot, you may choose a skip. For some people though, both of these options aren’t that practical. Knowing this, we provide a specialist service that can tick all the right boxes. In fact, many consider us the top establishment offering house clearance Lincoln has.

What do landlords need to do?

House clearance LincolnOne topic that often comes up in our industry is what landlords need to do to when their properties need cleaning. You could be in this exact situation. If so, we can offer some advice.

Some tenants will be kind and clean up after themselves at the end of their tenancy. However, others are merely going to leave waste behind. You might have a clause in the tenancy agreement that explains what the tenants need to do. However even then it may not prevent some people from leaving a mess.

Even if your tenants are correctly throwing away their rubbish, there could still be trouble with the council. This is over the quantity of waste they leave outside. If you operate a HMO, an issue like that is especially likely.

On household waste and recycling, there is a limit of 240L. The landlord is going to have responsibility for any waste exceeding this. The ideal solution here would be to contact our team so we can get rid of it for you. We will be able to give you the finest services for house clearance Lincoln has to offer.

Cleaning up after a lease ends

When the property becomes vacant, it is the landlord’s responsibility to dispose of anything inside that should not be there. As opposed to the refuse from your own house though, you can’t treat it as household waste and leave it for collection. Since you are running the property as a business, you must get rid of the litter as if it were commercial waste. As a result, landlords have a duty of care in the removal and disposal.

No mess too big with our house clearance in Lincoln

At LRCS we attend to properties no matter how terrible the mess is. Every single item and piece of waste shall be taken by our team. Once we are done with that job, we will do a bit of sweeping to clean things up.

The quality of our service makes us the number one company working in house clearance Lincoln has. So, feel free to call or email us anytime you require our assistance.