Garage cleaning done properly

We all end up with an enormous amount of waste at some point. However, there are those who would prefer not to use a skip for disposal. Our company happens to have the perfect alternative solution. With our vans we provide the finest services for rubbish clearance Lincoln has.

The main place where people put their unwanted things is inside the garage. Such action prevents them from parking their car in here. Yet, it is possible to give the garage its original purpose back. At the same time, you can get rid of all that junk. This shouldn’t be too challenging as long as you follow our advice.


Begin by making a plan for the clear-out. With the proper groundwork, your garage cleaning project will be a more pleasant experience. Identify items you can donate to charity rather than throwing away. This could include old furniture, sports gear, or old clothing. At the same time determine whether you want to sell anything. There may be products people can still use. If there are, decide if you will sell them online or want to go to a car boot sale.

Organise what you want to keep

There will probably be a number of things you want to keep. Take this chance to organise them. This can help you to save space and will also make it much easier when you start looking for them in the future.

Remove everything else

Once you’re done with all this, start taking everything out. Select an area of your garage to begin at. Next, pull all your unwanted items out onto your driveway. This makes it easier for the removal. Additionally, this enables you to see how much space you have to work with.

At Lincs Rubbish Clearance, we use lorries and vans in situations where skips aren’t appropriate. Our team members do more than simply take unwanted items off your hands; they also sweep up once they’ve done their job. The speed and quality of our service make us the top team for rubbish clearance Lincoln can offer.

If you would like us to supply you with our comprehensive service, please get in touch. We cater for any amount of waste and offer excellent value.