How is green waste handled?

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When you make the decision to recycle your organic matter, which can include articles like tree branches, glass-cuttings and other green wastes, you can rest easy knowing that the majority of it won’t end up on the landfill. Of course, there are those curious few who wonder what happens to this type of debris following its collection. To satisfy your curiosity, we are going to explain the fate that befalls this waste.


Recycling procedures in general remain a mystery to the community, but they aren’t really that well kept of a secret. The bulk of recyclable goods can be transformed entirely into highly applicable merchandise with but a handful of simple steps. Green waste in particular is noted for its recycling potential, as it is biodegradable and may possess good levels of nitrogen.


After you’re done loading everything onto the skip, the green waste is recovered and taken to experts who permit it to decompose. These processes normally occur in compost heaps. The reasoning behind this is that the heap’s pressure and heat works to guarantee that the litter breaks down quicker than it would’ve done otherwise. After decomposition, the waste is screened and tested. Following the assessments, it can be used to manufacture compost.


At Lincs Rubbish Clearance, we dedicated ourselves completely to ensuring that as much trash as possible is recycled. Not only are we fully licensed with the Environment Agency, but we also have our own waste management complex, where we sort all the materials by hand.


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