Handling your waste correctly during the pandemic

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At present, knowing how to dispose of and recycle your waste properly can be tough. Numerous people are incorrectly recycling their personal protective equipment (PEE). Their acts are contaminating the rubbish, and therefore putting key workers in danger. It is essential that everyone makes an effort to do their waste disposal properly. To help, we have some advice on how you can dispose of everything properly.

Disposing of your PPE

Skip hire LincolnAccording to research by the CPI, people are getting rid of their PPE as part of their household recycling efforts. For the safety of everyone, this is a job you must do properly. If you don’t, anyone who handles the waste will become exposed to the virus.

You should treat PPE as you would domestic or medical refuse. Place personal waste into a separate bag. Next, tie it up and put it into another rubbish bag. Tie this securely and keep it away from the other rubbish. Prior to putting this bag into the household bin, leave it for 72 hours at least.

Since most of us are at home during this time, it can be difficult to avoid piling the rubbish up too. What you should do is keep everything clean and separate. It is vital for everyone to keep up with their cleaning routines. Moreover, you need to clean your surfaces more regularly. Keep your recyclable items in a bin separate to your domestic waste and food. Plus, you can contact us if you need skip hire Lincoln property owners can rely on.

Limit online purchases

Because we are indoors most of the time right now, the temptation to purchase things online will be there. The more people make online purchases, the more packaging they are going to have on their hands. It is probably difficult enough to dispose of your waste as it is. Therefore, you need to do your best to not end up with even more rubbish.

Reliable skip hire in Lincoln

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