How skips help create a circular economy

Many people wonder what type of waste disposal is the best for the environment. Without a doubt skips are one of the top options. Responsible companies will collect and sort the waste, ensuring they recycle as much of it as possible. This is much better than sending everything to landfill or criminal acts like fly tipping. As the top name for skip hire Lincoln has, we want to take a close look at how skips create a circular economy.

What is it?

A circular economy is a system where the focus is on keeping waste to a minimum. Instead of throwing resources away, the goal is ensure their continual use. This will reduce the amount of raw materials that are being consumed.

There are several ways to help make an economy more circular. Firstly is to look at ways to prolong the life of materials. For example you could make them more durable and easier to clean. This means they last longer before a replacement is necessary, resulting in less waste.


Skip hire LincolnA second option is to look at how you can reuse different resources rather than throwing them away. This is where recycling comes in. This can allow businesses to take various materials, including metals, timbers, concrete, and more, and using them to make new products. It can be a much better option than sending everything to a landfill where it can sit for decades.

There is another option for reuse that in some cases can require less processing than recycling. With the right designs it may be possible to refurbish or remanufacture a number of goods. This can make them suitable for new many new uses.

How does skip hire help?

The thing to remember about skips is that when the provider is professional, they will focus on recycling. Sending items to landfill will be the last thing on their mind because they know the value of many of these resources. They also have a responsibility for ensuring the waste is disposed of properly.

So, if you choose skips you can be helping towards creating a circular economy. This is one that is much better for the environment, both in terms of reducing how many resources we use and the damage that would occur from leaving materials in landfill.

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