I don’t know what to do with my mattress!

skip hire LincolnTaking on the task of waste management can be a challenge when there is a lot to handle. Without the right service, you may find yourself going back and forth between your property and a landfill or household waste centre. With our skips however, you have the ideal disposal container. LRCS offers the finest services for skip hire Lincoln has. We have multiple sizes available and deliver them at the times you specify.

There are several items out there that require particular attention during disposal. A mattress is one of them. Mattresses normally contain a large number of materials. These include heavy cloth, foam rubber, cotton, and metal springs. Due to this fact, getting rid of them can prove to be troublesome. You may find you need to break them down and divide them into separate waste streams before you can do it.

If you are unsure of what to do with your mattress, we have some tips to share.

Sell it

The first option is to sell. This is one way you can extend its shelf-life. Assuming everything is still in a usable condition, there could be someone that can use it. That can save it from the landfill. Numerous platforms exist where you can sell a mattress, so find the one that works best for you. Please speak to us if you wish to use the finest services for skip hire Lincoln has.


Another option would be donating it to charity. This is a sustainable action and a great one for mattresses still in decent condition. There are multiple charities out there with a willingness to accept them. Look at the British Heart Foundation as an example. You will even find that some charities will offer to collect the mattress for no charge.

Use a take back scheme

You can also consider a take back scheme. There are retailers out there who are now supplying these schemes for their merchandise. With the introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility, this is likely to increase in popularity. Before you go for disposal, check with your retailer if they will take your mattress as part of a new purchase.


Finally, you can try going to a recycling centre. If you have a mattress that demands disposal, you can often contact your local facility. Not every centre is going to take mattresses, so it is best to check. If you lack transportation, then a waste collection service may prove to be necessary.

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At LRCS we offer a helpful, friendly approach to waste disposal. Regardless of what your requirements are, we will make sure you have a skip that is suitable. We have units ranging from the 2-yard skip to the larger 8-yard model, all of which have reasonable hire rates.

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