Moving on from your student flat

We offer several services to assist clients with their waste disposal. In some cases, we will supply them with skips. In other situations however, it is necessary to use an all in one service. Luckily, we are the top establishment offering rubbish clearance Lincoln has available. It is the perfect solution for most projects.

One of the most stressful experiences a person can have is moving out of a flat. This is definitely true for students residing in Lincoln or anywhere else. You could have a fair amount of items to move. That can be tricky if you don’t have access to a car or van. It can be even harder if you need to dispose of lots of rubbish at a local household waste facility. If you want to make things less awkward, you can follow our advice on flat clearance. Doing so will make everything much more manageable.

Are there enough boxes?

Rubbish clearance LincolnTo begin with, ensure that you have enough boxes. When you need to move, it is always better having too many rather than too few. Chances are that you can use the leftover ones the next time or if you need to put things into storage.

On the other side, if you don’t have enough boxes you might run out while you are packing. This could be just hours before your landlord is going to come over and collect the keys. Simply put, it can be a very stressful situation.

Prior to beginning your packing, get everything together. Ensure you have the right amount of boxes for your possessions. You may be better off buying proper moving boxes here as they tend to be sturdier and stack well.


You should also use your move as an opportunity to get rid of all the excess. Get some proper waste disposal done. It can make your move easier and means you won’t take things with you that you will only need to throw away in the future.

Start by packing away the important goods. As for handy objects like the toaster and kettle, leave them for last. Drinking a cup of tea will help you get back on your feet when you feel like all those boxes are beginning to close in on you.

If you’re moving to a fully furnished flat from an unfurnished one, have a furniture disposal party. You can sell anything that is in good condition to make some extra money. Or, you can donate items to charity.

Dispose of your waste

Finally, you need to dispose of the waste. Imagine that you have everything packed and ready to go. All that you have left to do is get rid of your rubbish. If there is a significant amount to deal with, you should give our team a call. We are the top establishment working in rubbish clearance Lincoln has. By leaving the flat in a better state than you found it, your landlord will be more likely to give you a glowing reference in future.

Expert rubbish clearance in Lincoln

At LRCS we excel in providing a friendly approach to clearing waste. We are very accommodating no matter what your specifications are. This can include student moves, offices, home clearances, and much more.

Whenever someone needs the finest rubbish clearance Lincoln has, we are always ready to offer help and advice. So, feel free to call or email us anytime if you need assistance.