Plastic’s contribution to climate change

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A general waste with big effects

Waste clearance LincolnOne form of waste that requires special attention is plastic. This is a type of general waste that people use all over the world. For example items like bottles, bags, and straws are things we tend to use daily. In addition there are plastics for more specialist applications such as the body of vehicles and some furnishings.

According to researchers, plastic is a huge generator of methane, methane gas, and Green House Gases. These cause climatic and environmental changes. Even the simple act of dumping the material in landfill leads to global warming. The plastics can also harm humans.

Although there are multiple disadvantages, it is easy and cheap to use plastic. As a result, many businesses and end users still use the items. We need a change in attitude and behaviour to tackle the problem and help the environment.

The effect of plastics

Plastics are hurting the environment with the massive emissions of ethylene, methane, and GHG. Due to the effect of heat and sunlight, the plastic reacts with the rays, creating the dangerous gases. The procedures of degradation, extracting, refining, transporting, and manufacturing are the phases of receiving a plastic item. All of them can generate huge amounts of emissions.

It is also not easy to dispose of plastic. For it to decompose by itself, it will need between 450 to 1,000 years. The only approach is burning them. However, it is not wise to do this at all. If you burn the plastics, there is going to be an awful smell and an increase of toxic gases. These are going to meld with the atmospheric air and cause climate changes.

As we said above, it is a hard job trying to eradicate the use of plastics entirely. It can be hard to dispose of them cleanly too. In order to limit the usage of plastics, you need to use reusable and recyclable goods. The items like metal cans, glass bottles, cloth bags, and metal straws are ideal alternatives. The costs will be higher, but you can use them for months.

Waste clearance in Lincoln that maximises recycling

At LRCS, we work very hard to do our bit to help tackle the plastic problem. We have had the job of working with many people who have had large amounts of it to dispose of. Our team members reassure every client that we will recycle as much as possible. We are responsible and strive to make sure we help the environment.

We are proud to be one of the most professional establishments working in this field today. In addition, we are friendly and helpful, offering advice to all your problems. So, if you need the leading services for waste clearance Lincoln has to offer, please call us. We can speak to you about the amount of rubbish and the best kind of service for you.