Preventing fly-tipping is a priority everyone should remember

While in most situations people will put their rubbish into a bin, this isn’t always suitable. When you have a considerable amount or want someone else to take care of it for you, the waste clearance Lincoln loves comes in handy. Not only will we take whatever you need us to, but we always ensure we recycle thoroughly.

Never Resort To Inappropriate Methods

The reason there are so many services out there for rubbish disposal is because you cannot simply choose any method. You have to make sure that all items go where they need to so that it does not harm the environment. A common but terrible choice that irresponsible people pick is fly-tipping. This has a negative effect on the local community and environment as well as being an eyesore. It is not only something people hate but it is also a criminal offence that can end in a fine or even imprisonment.

Research Who You’re Trusting

While you may not intentionally disregard the law, some people fail to use the right disposal method without realising. If you are going to ask someone to clear your rubbish for you, will they do the right thing? You are responsible for who you choose as they may not take the sensible approach you think that they might. You would still be liable even if you leave your rubbish in the hands of someone else. Don’t end up facing the consequences; check that you are choosing a professional worthy of your trust.

Look For the Right People

People have a duty of care to check that the waste carriers are the right people to take your rubbish. Each person will need a waste carriers licence. This ensures that they are allowed to carry and dispose of the materials using the right channels. With our licensing from the Environment Agency and a dedicated facility, you can have confidence in us. We will always recycle whatever we can after sorting through everything.

We know that waste of any size can be awkward to remove and dispose of. Instead of worrying, let LRCS take on the responsibility for you. With the waste clearance Lincoln trusts you will end up with a clean space in no time. You can depend on our team so give us a call for more details on how we help the environment.