Properly disposing of fireworks

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Regardless of all the changes to our lives in these past two years, people have been able to enjoy a number of celebrations. One of the most common ways of celebrating events like Christmas and New Year is with fireworks. With more people celebrating at their own properties, there are going to be more fireworks and sparklers around. These people will also be doing the tidying up afterwards. The only problem is that not everyone knows how to properly dispose of these items after they use them. We are going to explain what you should be doing here.

Fireworks are not recyclable

For those wondering if fireworks are actually recyclable, the short answer is no. It is true that they are often created using recyclable substances. Yet, the effort and risk of dividing the smaller metal and paper fragments means it is not worth the trouble. Moreover, the chemicals in firework production can contaminate many items that would otherwise be recyclable. Due to this fact, you should not throw your fireworks in the recycle bin.

What to do?

In order to safely dispose of fireworks, you need to begin by properly extinguishing them. Don’t ever bury them or place them on a bonfire. This even includes fully spent ones. Wear heatproof gloves and use tongs whilst picking cases and other debris up. Soak them in a bucket of cold water, leaving it for at least 20 minutes. It is better to leave them overnight if you can so they are wet through.

Next you should double wrap the fireworks using plastic bags to prevent them from drying. Then place them in the wheelie bin. If you require the assistance of the best company for waste clearance Lincoln has, please let us know.

You can’t reuse fireworks

You cannot recycle fireworks and you can’t reuse them either. It is preferable to dispose of misfired, unused, or ‘dud’ ones in the way we describe above. You should let them cool off for a while first though, especially the ‘duds’. Don’t rush to do it in case they go off. Then you can submerge them in the water.

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