Reducing waste in the bathroom

House clearance LincolnWe are well known for supplying skips to client with large amounts of waste on their hands. However, there are many situations where they won’t be suitable. What we do here is provide house clearance Lincoln residents can rely on. Ours is an expert team that will handle the job with the utmost professionalism.

One place you may be surprised to find that generates huge amounts of litter is the bathroom. Toothpaste tubes, wipes, razors, packaging, and bottles are all objects that build up quickly here. You may be saying that this happens because we can’t recycle them. However, that is incorrect. Many of the bathroom items are recyclable. What’s more, it is possible to lower the amount of litter you produce. Read on if you would like to know how you can manage bathroom refuse.

Conditioner and shampoo bottles

Start by doing away with conditioner and shampoo bottles. One of the easiest ways would definitely be to stop using the products. However, the idea of washing with water alone probably is not very appealing. Cosmic companies like Lush have been researching clever methods of lowering bathroom waste. They now offer package-free conditioner and shampoo bars. In addition to eradicating waste, they are excellent for your hair.

Some sharing and caring may be in order here as well. You could be the kind of family that has all sorts of different bars and bottles of soap in the bathroom. If so, there is a decent chance you will be creating a lot of waste. Rather than having individual soap and shower gel, you should just share. There are many products that are appropriate for each family member. Furthermore, they come in large sizes to make them last longer. If you are in need of house clearance, Lincoln residents should speak to us.

Wipe way the right way

Wiping away the natural way is also a good idea. Many people need to get rid of their makeup once the day ends. Most use throwaway wipes. What you should do instead is take a flannel and wash your face with it. In addition to minimising waste, this approach shall save you money in the long run. There are also reusable wipes that you can wash yourself.

House clearance in Lincoln that recycles as much as possible

At LRCS, we use our clearance services to get rid of waste using lorries and vans. We take the waste to our licensed management facility. Here, we sort everything by hand and recycle as much as we can. No matter what the client’s requirements are, we find a way to accommodate them.

So, if you want house clearance Lincoln residents can count on, please give us a call. We can take care of any room in a house and clear out all the rubbish you don’t want.