Specialising in House and Office clearances as well as general rubbish removal

Call us on 01522 684776 for advice for a free quote.   We offer a friendly, helpful approach to clearing out waste, using our lorries or vans. Please call us at any time, if you need advice about a waste clearance problem. Our friendly experienced staff are always helpful, and offer practical advice. We specialise in full house and office clearances, where our staff arrive by appointment to remove your unwanted items.

Our Clearance Service is also available if you have waste and unwanted items in areas where a skip is not suitable or needed. Our staff will come and remove the waste for you. All the waste we collect is taken to our own licensed Waste Management facility, where it is sorted by hand so as much waste as possible can be recycled. Whatever your requirements, we will try to accommodate your needs. Our service is second to none.


Rubbish Clearance
and Tidy Up

If you don’t want to use a skip to clear your junk, we have the perfect answer. We use a skip, lorry or a van to clear your junk, we load it and take it away, we sweep up afterwards.



We clear all types of property, no matter how bad the mess is. We clear all sizes and types of properties. We clear all waste and unwanted items. We always finish off with a thorough sweep up.


Office & Business Premises Clearance

We take the hassle out of office clearance and business premises clearance. We clear your unwanted office items and waste. Filing cabinets, chairs, desks. We always sweep up afterwards

2 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 1.5 Tonnes

Volume 2 Cubic Yards – 1.5 Metres

Approx 6.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 15 – 20 Bin bags

App H: 3ft W: 3ft 7in Length: 3ft 9in


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

3 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 2.5 Tonnes

Volume 3 Cubic Yards – 2.25 Metres

Approx 9.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 20 – 30 Bin bags

App H: 3ft W: 4ft Length: 4ft 4in


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

4 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 3.5 Tonnes

Volume 4 Cubic Yards – 5 Metres

Approx 12.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 30 – 40 Bin bags

App H: 3ft W: 4ft 2in Length: 4ft 6in


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

6 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 5.5 Tonnes

Volume 6 Cubic Yards – 4.6 Metres

Approx 19 Wheelie Bins

Approx 40 – 50 Bin bags

App H: 3ft 4in W: 5ft 2in Length: 6ft 


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

8 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 7 Tonnes

Volume 8 Cubic Yards – 6 Metres

Approx 25.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 60 – 80 Bin bags

App H: 4ft 2in W: 5ft 2in Length: 6.5ft


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required