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If you require any advice, or as an alternative to skip hire, you would prefer to use our Clearance Services, call 01522 684776 and we will be happy to advise.

2 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 1.5 Tonnes

Volume 2 Cubic Yards – 1.5 Metres

Approx 6.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 15 – 20 Bin bags

Approx H: 3ft W: 3ft 7in L: 3ft 9in


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

3 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 2.5 Tonnes

Volume 3 Cubic Yards – 2.25 Metres

Approx 9.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 20 – 30 Bin bags

Approx H: 3ft W: 4ft L: 4ft 4in


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

4 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 3.5 Tonnes

Volume 4 Cubic Yards – 5 Metres

Approx 12.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 30 – 40 Bin bags

Approx H: 3ft W: 4ft 2in L: 4ft 6in


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

6 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 5.5 Tonnes

Volume 6 Cubic Yards – 4.6 Metres

Approx 19 Wheelie Bins

Approx 40 – 50 Bin bags

Approx H: 3ft 4in W: 5ft 2in L: 6ft


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

8 Yard Skip

Holds Approx 7 Tonnes

Volume 8 Cubic Yards – 6 Metres

Approx 25.5 Wheelie Bins

Approx 60 – 80 Bin bags

Approx H: 4ft 2in W: 5ft 2in L: 6.5ft


+ £45.00 Permit Charge if Required

Upon ordering a skip, you agree to the terms and conditions. This is a requirement of hire. See our Terms and Conditions.

THE FOLLOWING WASTE IS NOT ALLOWED IN ANY SKIP  due to current Health & Safety and Environment Agency regulations:-   Hazardous waste of any kind, including asbestos in any form or type. Liquid cement/concrete. No Liquids whatsoever, toxic or corrosive materials, or solvents. Grease or oil of any kind whether contained or not. Paint tins, cans, drums or other containers that have been used to carry liquids oil or grease of any kind, unless empty containing no liquid whatsoever and dry, with lids off. Soiled nappies, incontinence pads or any materials contaminated with human faeces. Animal carcasses, animal faeces or any other contaminated materials e.g contents of pet litter trays or pet bedding (e.g in hutches). Food waste. Chemicals, pesticides or insecticides e.g from garden or cleaning products. Televisions or Computer Monitors. Light bulbs or Fluorescent Tubes. Refrigerators or freezers. Batteries. Rubber tyres or any other rubber. Gas Canisters. Clinical/Medical waste of any kind.
We are also unable to accept GLASS of any sort, including glass within window frames,
no astro turf, clay, or plasterboard backed with foil or polystyrene. View Terms and Conditions for full list.
NOTE: MATTRESSES MAY BE PLACED ON TOP OF THE SKIP ONCE IT IS LEVEL FILLED. You will however be charged a processing fee in addition to the cost of skip hire to prevent them going into landfill.

SKIPS MUST BE LEVEL-FILLED ONLY, (level with the top of the sides of the skip).  Overfilled skips will be liable to an overfill charge in addition to skip hire charge. 
THE HIRE PERIOD IS UP TO 10 DAYS.  You must call us to off hire the skip when you have finished with it to avoid incurring additional hire charges.

PLAIN PLASTERBOARD is accepted, however you must discuss this with us when ordering your skip. You will be charged a fee for its disposal in addition to the cost of skip hire. Please check with the office for current rates. Due to Environmental regulations plasterboard is not allowed in landfill. It must be kept segregated from all other waste to avoid contamination and to enable it to be recycled. We will provide tonne sacks within the skip for this purpose.  If you have a large amount of plasterboard to dispose of, a separate skip may be required. Please discuss this with us when hiring your skip. You will be liable to an additional processing fee on top of the plasterboard disposal charge if plasterboard is not segregated, found to be contaminated, or backed with foil or polystyrene. 
CERAMICS are accepted however you must discuss this with us when hiring your skip. Ceramics must also be kept segregated to avoid contamination from other waste in order to enable recycling. Tonne sacks will again be provided within the skip for this purpose. You will be liable for an additional disposal charge if ceramics are not segregated or found to be contaminated.

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No extra charge for up
to 10 days hire.

If a skip is not suitable for the area where the waste is to be collected, please use our Clearance Service.

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