Skip hire can be really helpful when removing old kitchens

At LRCS we understand the value of first-class waste disposal services. We can clean sites of rubbish, and provide the skip hire Lincoln loves to use in a variety of situations.

Home renovations

Plans to make changes to your property can be great, especially a project like getting a new kitchen. Before you dive into the work though, you will need to remove the old one. This task can take a lot of time and energy but it can be a huge help to hire a skip. It provides a single place where you can put waste so that we can dispose of it on your behalf.

Fill it up

Generally, a 4 or 6-yard skip will be the most suitable for this kind of clearance. You might want to get an 8-yard skip to be on the safe side so that you have plenty of room.

As with any skip hire, you need to check what you can and cannot place in it. You are typically able to fill a skip with wooden kitchen cabinetry, bricks, and furniture like kitchen tables and chairs. This is along with building rubble, and non-electrical fittings.

We accept plasterboard and ceramics when kept segregated. You should get in touch to discuss what you need to throw away so that you can understand the rules surrounding what waste is suitable for a skip.


Some items will be particularly heavy and will require you to get someone to help you move them. By having another person take some of the weight, it will reduce the risk of injury and makes it easier to place in the skip. You should take apart what you can, especially cupboards so that it takes up less space and you can fit more in.

Once all of the waste is in the skip, we will be able to take it off your hands. When we have it in our possession, we will responsibly sort through the contents so that we can re-use and recycle as much of it as possible. This is one of the many brilliant reasons you should reach out to LRCS.

For the skip hire, Lincoln can rely on, get in touch now. We also offer van and lorry clearance if you are unable to place a skip on your site.