Taking a responsible approach to rubbish removal

With all the choices for rubbish clearance Lincoln has to choose from, you will want to pick the right people. With us you will not only receive a friendly service but also one that cares about the handling of your waste.


Did you know that rubbish clearance services are required by law to hold a waste carrier’s license? To check this simply can ask the company and then check whether what they are telling you is the truth. The Environment Agency makes this easy through their website so that you can know whether you have chosen the right people.


There are many reasons you should be making sure that the people you are using for waste collection have the right license. For starters there is a high chance that if they do not have it, they will not look to dispose of the collected rubbish the right way. This could be in the form of not recycling or even fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping costs the UK over £50 million in taxes every year to clear up. If it leads back to you, you will be the one facing the fine. Therefore it is essential you take the time to look into the people you are trusting.

The Best Choice

Our approach allows us to provide everyone who comes to us with a first class service. This is in terms of both waste disposal and customer care. When you choose our rubbish clearance service, for an affordable cost we will come and take away all rubbish you would like us to. This is easier than a skip and we will tidy up after ourselves too.

We hold a waste carrier’s license and have our very own waste management facility to ensure effective recycling. For your free quote or more details on what we do, give LRCS a call. We love our work and continue to provide comprehensive services to all. This includes the rubbish clearance Lincoln depends on. You can reach our team at 01522 684 776.