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Welcome to our website. Your access to and use of our website (“the website”) is subject entirely to the following terms and conditions of use (“the terms”).

By continuing to browse and use the website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound fully by these terms.  If you do not agree with any part of the terms, please stop using the Website.


The terms apply to all orders placed by you the customer ( ‘you’ or ‘the hirer’) with Skip Hire (Lincoln) Ltd t/a LRCS (‘Skip Hire Lincoln’ ‘LRCS’ ‘Lincs Rubbish Clearance Service’ ‘us’ or ‘we’),  whether the order is placed through the website, mobile phone app, via telephone, or in any other manner. By placing an order, you fully agree to be bound by the terms.

Please make sure you have read and understood the terms before placing your order.  If you have any queries regarding the terms or anything else, please contact our helpful team in the office who will be happy to advise you, on 01522 856028.

1.    By hiring a skip from Skip Hire Lincoln whether by phone, through the website or any other means, you fully agree to be bound by the terms and any new terms or changes to the terms and conditions as may be made from time to time.

2.   You are responsible for controlling all waste that is placed in the skip until the skip is collected.  We will provide tonne sacks in the skips when requested to help with segregation of waste types (e.g. ceramics or plasterboard) and to avoid contamination, so that your waste can be recycled.  Under no circumstances can you put (or allow others to put) hazardous waste into the skip.  Health & Safety & Environment Agency Reg’s state:  The following waste is not allowed in any skip:-

No Asbestos in any form or type
No Liquid cement/concrete
No Liquids whatsoever
No Toxic or corrosive materials, or solvents
No Grease or oil of any kind whatsoever, whether contained or not
No Paint tins, cans, drums or other containers that have been used to carry liquids oil or grease of any kind, unless empty, containing no liquid whatsoever and dry, with lids off
No Soiled nappies, incontinence pads or any materials contaminated with human faeces
No Animal carcasses, animal faeces or any contaminated materials e.g contents of pet litter trays or pet bedding (eg in hutches).
No Food waste
No Chemicals, pesticides or insecticides eg from garden or cleaning products
No Televisions or Computer Monitors,
No Light bulbs or Fluorescent Tubes,
No Refrigerators or freezers
No Batteries
No Rubber Tyres or any other rubber
No Gas Canisters
No Clinical/Medical waste of any kind
No astro turf
No clay 
No plasterboard backed with foil or polystyrene

PLAIN PLASTERBOARD is accepted, however you must discuss this with us when ordering your skip. You will be charged a fee for its disposal in addition to the cost of skip hire. Please check with the office for current rates. Due to Environmental regulations plasterboard is not allowed in landfill. It must be kept segregated from all other waste to avoid contamination and to enable it to be recycled. We will provide tonne sacks within the skip for this purpose.  If you have a large amount of plasterboard to dispose of, a separate skip may be required. Please discuss this with us when hiring your skip. You will be liable to an additional processing fee on top of the plasterboard disposal charge if plasterboard is not segregated, found to be contaminated, or backed with foil or polystyrene.

CERAMICS are accepted however you must discuss this with us when hiring your skip. Ceramics must also be kept segregated to avoid contamination from other waste in order to enable recycling. Tonne sacks will again be provided within the skip for this purpose. You will be liable for an additional disposal charge if ceramics are not segregated or found to be contaminated.

Mattresses may be taken at an extra charge. They may  be placed on top of the skip once it has been level filled. These are stripped down to avoid them having to go to landfill.  Please contact the office for prices.

Any unauthorised waste listed above which is found in the skip once it has been collected, will be returned to your address and you will be required to meet the additional costs of handling the waste along with the added transportation costs of returning the items.   
In the event that we are unable to return these items, you will be required to meet the full costs of handling, treatment and transportation necessary to achieve final disposal within current legislation.

 If you have any queries, PLEASE CHECK WITH OUR TEAM IN THE OFFICE who will be happy to advise.

3.    All skip orders are subject to availability and we reserve the right to refuse to supply you.

4     All skip orders should be paid for in advance prior to delivery.   Payment can be made over the phone, through the Website or by BACS.

5.    The period of hire (including delivery day) is up to 10 days, however we are flexible, if you require a longer hire period, please call our helpful team in the office who will be happy to advise (see Condition 30).

6.     You will ensure clear access to the position where you require the skip placing.  Blocked access due to abandoned vehicles or materials resulting in a failed delivery/collection will incur standing time and/or an aborted delivery charge (known generally as a wasted journey fee).  

7.    Block paved driveways or tarmac can occasionally be marked or damaged by skips or lorry stabilizing equipment when placed on them.  You agree that you will take steps to protect surfaces (paving slabs, soft ground, paved driveways etc) before delivery of the skip.  We will  not accept responsibility for damage to any surface which may be caused by the placing use or removal of the skip. You agree and accept that any damage to any surface is at all times your sole responsibility.

8.    Included in the standard price of skip hire is a 15 minute period for the deposit of or loading and removal of a skip.  We reserve the right to charge you for any further delay from whatsoever cause for the length of time the vehicle is kept waiting, based on the daily work rate of the vehicle.

9.    You will not remove the skip from the place where it is deposited.

10.    You agree to ensure the safe loading of waste into the skip and that the area around the skip is kept safe and tidy.

11.   You must ensure the skip is ‘level filled’ and not filled above the top of the level of its sides.  (When hiring a skip you are paying for the disposal of the volume of waste in a level filled skip).  All skips must be loaded sensibly to ensure safe transportation and must not contain heavy materials which would make them over weight.  More importantly, overloading a skip, if the load is unsafe, is against DVSA regulations.  If the skip is too heavy or the load is unsafe, it will not be taken away until you have rectified the problem.  Drivers have the right to refuse to remove a skip if overloaded or loaded dangerously.   You are responsible for unloading and removing any excess or dangerously loaded waste from such skips, however, We reserve the right to remove any objects from the skip that we feel may jeopardize the safe transportation of any skip.

12.   If your skip has been overfilled, you will be notified and will be offered the choice of either removing the excess waste until the skip is level filled, or paying an overload fee based on the excess amount of waste.   This charge will be payable before the skip is collected.

We reserve the right to charge an aborted collection fee (known generally as a wasted journey fee) if  the skip is found to be overloaded or unsafe for transportation.  This will be chargeable at the sole discretion of Skip Hire Lincoln.

13.   Where a skip is required to be placed on a public highway, it is your responsibility to ensure that permission of the Highways Authority has been obtained under the Highways Act 1980.   Failure to do so could lead to a fine from the Highways Authority and your skip being removed before you’ve finished using it. We will assist in obtaining a valid permit for you on your behalf.

14.   You warrant that you fully understand all the conditions of the permit, subject to which the Highway Authority’s permission has been granted and further warrant that you will comply with all the conditions of the permit as specified.  You will ensure the observation and performance of those conditions at all times.  You also warrant that the permit will be kept in force until the skip is removed.

15.   In the event of the Highways Authority or the Police exercising their powers to move or remove the skip during the period of hire, you acknowledge that you are responsible for all costs thereby incurred.

16.   You are fully responsible for the lighting and coning of the skip if placed on the public highway and will specifically ensure that the skip is PROPERLY CONED AT ALL TIMES AND LIGHTED THROUGHOUT THE HOURS OF DARKNESS OR POOR VISIBILITY In accordance with the conditions of the permit.

17.   We will provide cones and lighting on the skip for you when this is required.  In return, you agree to check the lighting on a daily basis and notify Skip Hire Lincoln immediately if there is a malfunction.

18.   You are responsible for the lights whilst the skip is on hire and agree to reimburse Skip Hire Lincoln in respect of any loss or damage to the lights howsoever caused whilst the skip is on hire (fair wear and tear excepted).

19.   All skips are placed where requested by the hirer and solely at the hirer’s risk.  You agree and accept that any damage/claim arising from such placing, use or removal of a skip, will at all times be your sole responsibility.  Skip Hire Lincoln accepts no responsibility whatsoever, for any damage to (including but not limited to) gas, water, electricity or telecommunication services, footpaths, curbs, gutters, roads, driveways, walls, or fences, arising out of the placing, use or removal of a skip whilst on hire.

20.   Upon requesting Skip Hire Lincoln or its drivers to depart from the highway to place a skip on your driveway, garden or any other private property, you are responsible for pointing out to the driver,  prior to delivery, any manhole covers, low lying cables, narrow entrance pillars, or any other potential risks or obstructions to the skip delivery, or risks to the driver. Whilst we take every care possible to avoid any damage to the driveway or other property, please note that once we vacate the highway, you automatically agree to indemnify us for any damage that occurs whilst on your property and agree and accept that any damage/claim arising from such placing, use or removal of a skip, will at all times be your sole responsibility.

21.   You will fully indemnify and reimburse Skip Hire Lincoln in respect of any loss, costs, claims, damages or expenses that Skip Hire Lincoln may sustain arising out of the placing, use or removal of a skip whilst on hire, whether as a result of damage to the vehicle, to the skip, or injuries to persons or property or third party, including to the road margins and pavements howsoever the same may be caused or arise.

22.   You are responsible for the loss of or any damage to the skip whilst on hire, from the day of delivery until the skip is removed by Skip Hire Lincoln and in particular you undertake:-

(a)  NOT TO LIGHT FIRES in the skip or to burn anything inside it
(b)  Not to place any corrosive acid or noxious substances or liquid cement or concrete into the skip

23.   You agree to reimburse Skip Hire Lincoln in respect of any loss or damage to the skip (including possibly a new skip), due to non-observance of the above whilst the skip is on hire from whatsoever cause that may arise (fair wear and tear excepted).

24.   You will immediately notify Skip Hire Lincoln and the police of any loss or theft of a skip.   If a skip is reported stolen, Skip Hire Lincoln must be notified of the incident number obtained from the police in order to terminate the hire of the skip.

25.   You agree that all activities undertaken by you which may be subject to regulation under the Duty of Care (Section 34) of The Environmental Protection Act (1990) are fully compliant with the legislation and do not detrimentally effect the compliance of Skip Hire Lincoln with said legislation.

26.   Ownership of the skip belongs to Skip Hire Lincoln at all times.  Ownership of any skip contents shall pass to Skip Hire Lincoln upon collection unless otherwise agreed in writing, with the exception of any contents found to be in breach of the terms of this agreement, which will be dealt with in accordance with Condition 2 as seen above.

27.   You will allow Skip Hire Lincoln access to the skip at all reasonable times for the purposes of inspection, maintenance, replacement or repossession.

28.   You will contact Skip Hire Lincoln as soon as the skip is full to arrange for its removal and undertake to fill the skip within the 10 day hire period.

29.   If you fail to inform us that the skip is ready for collection, we reserve the right to charge for any additional days that the skip is kept outside the 10 day hire period, and/or collect the skip on the expiration of the hire period.  We are not required to give you prior notification of our intention to remove the skip once the hire period has expired.

30.   Should you wish to extend the period of hire, you must contact us a soon as possible, giving us at least 2 clear working days’ notice before the expiry of the hire period.  Any extension granted, will be charged at a weekly rate, determined by Skip Hire Lincoln.

31.   Should you require any skip to be emptied and returned, or exchanged, it will be charged as a second hire at the full rate.

32.   You will ensure that when collection or exchange is required there is a clear space at one end of the skip of no less than thirty feet to enable the lorry necessary access to allow safe collection and removal.

33.   Skips will be collected as soon as practicable (which could take several days during our busy periods or due to unforeseen circumstances) unless an alternative arrangement was made at the time of booking.  In any event, Skip Hire Lincoln reserves the right to collect the skip at a later date than that specified at the time of booking.

34.   In all cases, delivery and collection times are given for guidance only and Skip Hire Lincoln shall not be liable for any consequential loss, expenses, liabilities or claims arising out of the late delivery, non-delivery, collection or failure to deliver on the preferred delivery date, due to unforeseen circumstances.

35.   We shall be entitled at any time, for any reason whatsoever and without explanation, to terminate with immediate effect the hire of the skip and repossess it.

36.   You agree, in the event that you fail to pay the hire charge in full, Skip Hire Lincoln may return the waste (or a quantity of waste which in the opinion of Skip Hire Lincoln is similar thereto) and shall for such purpose be entitled to enter upon any of your premises or any third party premises from whom the waste was collected, to deposit such waste thereon.

37.   Any advice given by Skip Hire Lincoln or its employees, via the phone, website or other, on suitability of skip size or anything else, is given for guidance purposes only, and should not be relied upon. You agree that It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any skip size or services meet your requirements.  Skip Hire Lincoln shall not be held liable for any consequential loss, expenses, liabilities or claims arising out of the unsuitability of any skip or service.


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