The assumptions people make about recycling

House clearance LincolnLRCS offers its clients several solutions for waste disposal. We have proven ourselves to be the leading name excelling in house clearance Lincoln has. This is the service we offer when we are unable to use skips or if the client wants a very fast service. In addition to taking the waste off your hands, we also recycle whenever it is possible.

Recycling is an essential part of waste disposal. Everyone should look to recycle as much as they can. It also pays to understand the benefits of this process. At the same time, you should know about the myths and what the real truths are.

The green dot

The first myth is that the green dot means something is recyclable. In truth, this symbol is not there to say that you can recycle an item. Nor does it mean that something has been recycled or will be. It is not even green all of the time. This is merely a symbol to tell you the company responsible for the packaging has made financial contributions to the recycling and recovery of packaging in Europe.

The triangle symbol

One other logo you can find on the back of numerous products is the Mobius Loop. Some people refer to it as the green triangle. It merely states that you are capable of recycling the packaging. It does not say that it will be suitable for every recycling collection.

The symbol can also indicate that the material has already been recycled. At times there will be a percentage figure in the middle. This tells you how much of the material in the packaging has come from recycling.

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At Lincs Rubbish Clearance, we aim to accommodate the needs of our clients every single time. Whether we are offering skip hire or clearances, we will do our best to help. More importantly, we will always focus on recycling to protect the environment.

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