The link between junk and health

Everyone has those belongings around their home that they don’t really need but hold onto anyway. They might be in a cupboard, or could take up a large space like a garage or spare bedroom. Something to be aware of is that in addition to making your space look messy, this can have a negative effect on both physical and mental health. However we can help by offering the most reliable house clearance Lincoln residents can ask for. We can deal with mess of all sizes through our responsible methods of rubbish disposal and recycling.

Don’t risk your health

House clearance LincolnPiles of belongings are the perfect place for dust to collect and this can worsen allergies as well as asthma. Filling an entire room with items makes for a great hiding place for pests too, something which can also bring disease. Furthermore, the London Fire Brigade heavily recommends that you remove clutter. This is because it can make it easier for fires to start and increases the risk of a fire spreading. Both of these can lead to injuries and even death.


Feeling better in your space


What a lot of people fail to realise is that a home full of clutter can be bad for relationships and mental health. Mess in the home makes it look untidy and unwelcoming. Moreover, it will be something you are constantly thinking about. There are studies that show cohabitating couples have around 32 arguments in the first year about clutter alone. In addition, a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind which can increase stress levels.

What you can do – choose the best house clearance in Lincoln

It is easy enough to deal with junk in a property. All you need to do is set a little time aside and it will soon be dealt with, leaving you to enjoy your space. Ours is the team to call even when there are a lot of items to deal with. We offer the house clearance Lincoln can use to declutter space and empty out properties.

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