The most dangerous recycling myths

Rubbish clearance LincolnClearing out a property can be a difficult and annoying task. It might be too much for you to handle alone. Instead, you should reach out to our professional team. For years, we have been supplying the finest services for rubbish clearance Lincoln can ask for. We are incredibly thorough and ensure we don’t leave anything behind. Plus, we are respectable and conscious of the correct disposal methods.

One of the most important parts of our clearing work is recycling everything we possibly can. After removing items from a property, we take whatever we can to our licensed waste management facility. Here, we sort and recycle the rubbish to decide the greenest way to process it.

It is not pointless at all

At some stage, you have probably heard someone say that recycling is a pointless, expensive, and time consuming practice. Chances are that you are wondering if it is indeed true. The fact however is that these are deadly myths meant to tarnish the process and its eco-friendly nature. Read on to discover some of the most dangerous pieces of misinformation you may hear about recycling.

A drop in the ocean

The first myth is that we can only recycle a quarter of our refuse. The reality is that waste prevention strategies are being drawn up. Their aim is to prevent the majority of items from being wasted and let them be reused. For some reason, certain individuals still like to dispute this fact.


The next myth is that recycling is an incredibly expensive endeavour. An ideal statement for any person who wants to moan unjustifiably is that it costs the government a lot to recycle. The benefits of recycling for the environment, in addition to the economics, all make sense though.

Not eco-friendly

Another ridiculous claim is that recycling isn’t as eco-friendly as some of our other disposal strategies. This is a comical statement to say the least. Recycling was designed to reduce the level of litter that goes to landfill. Sadly, some people out there like giving recycling a bad reputation. They still believe that putting their waste into the ground is better. For the greatest rubbish clearance Lincoln can offer, please speak to us.


One final myth is that we require landfills for job production. The reality is that recycling demands around ten times more workers than what we need to throw items into the landfill. So, if you support job creation, recycling should have your support.

Come to us for rubbish clearance in Lincoln

At LRCS we operate every day of the week. Thus, we are available to help whenever you need us. Using our lorries or vans, we can clear out houses, garages, gardens, and even offices. Our clearance work is the perfect alternative when skips are not suitable for your particular property or you want a very fast turnaround.

So, please contact us if you would like to experience the best services for rubbish clearance Lincoln has. We are reliable, cost effective, and able to offer all kinds of tips and advice too.