The seriousness of mishandling hazardous waste

Waste can really pile up when you are tackling a clearance or building project. This can make it tricky to deal with. To help, we offer skip hire Lincoln residents know they can rely on. Our skips range from 2-yard to the 8-yard model. They allow us to offer clients solutions for an array of needs.

One subject we often tackle in our industry is hazardous waste. For businesses and homes, the safe disposal of these materials is vital. This type of refuse can be of great risk to people and the environment. As a result we have laws to oversee how we dispose of it. In addition, they help stop fly-tipping.

Determining what is hazardous

Skip hire LincolnLet’s begin by talking about how you can figure out whether your items are actually hazardous. This type of waste actually comes in several forms. They are classified on the basis of the harm they are capable of doing to people and our environment.

It can be tricky to decide what to do with any items that only contain specific elements that are a danger. The item would be non-hazardous otherwise but they are considered to be a hazard in general even if there is only a small amount of a dangerous substance. Standard examples of the waste include light bulbs, car batteries, and unset concrete.

It is also important to know why you can’t simply throw waste like this in a bin or skip. The fact is that there is an incredibly high risk to the local wildlife and environment. It is not great for our health either. After all, hazardous substances can find their way to landfills. The harmful elements within the substances could possibly leak into the nearby water sources and the earth. Let us know if you require the finest skip hire Lincoln can offer.

Notable hazardous waste

The wastes you really need to keep your eyes open for are spent engine oils and batteries. The oil can cause massive damage to water supplies and natural habitats. Therefore, you must dispose of it properly. Moreover, there is a broader array of toxic items we categorise as hazardous. Some examples are bleach, solvents, and weed killer.

Financial penalties

One last thing to remember is that the environment is not the only thing that will suffer if you don’t dispose of this waste properly. Your finances will too due to all the fines that you could receive. For this reason, you should avoid the incorrect disposal of these items at all cost.

We take waste disposal seriously with skip hire in Lincoln

At Lincs Rubbish Clearance we are happy to support all clients so they know what to do with different types of waste. The skip hire page of our website includes a list of items you cannot put in skips. We also have a friendly team that will answer any queries that you have about our practices.

If you require the best skip hire Lincoln can provide, you are welcome to contact us. We can arrange services for you and take care of many types of materials.