The things you cannot do with your rubbish

If you are struggling to find a way of disposing of your waste, we may have the solution for you. Our team supplies the finest services for rubbish clearance Lincoln has to offer. In addition, once we clear everything, we can give you practical waste management advice. You can use this to keep the levels of refuse in your property under control in the future.

Rubbish clearance LincolnYou might already know that certain forms of rubbish go to the incinerator. Normally, this happens to everything that is not sent to the landfills or recycled. Waste incineration is increasing in frequency so we can cope with the expanding level of litter in the UK. If things don’t change, incineration could overtake recycling. This may lead to increases in pollution. To avoid polluting our environment, there are things you can be doing on your side. Read on to discover the steps you can take.

Don’t burn rubbish yourself

For one thing, you can avoid burning the waste yourself. You should avoid this entirely though. In addition to causing pollution, your neighbours may start to complain about the smell and safety hazard. Not to mention, the dark, thick smoke typically produced here can obstruct drivers on nearby roads. It can also be harmful to inhale.


Placing household goods out on the streets is also not wise in the slightest. You might find yourself in a situation where you don’t need an old sofa or fridge anymore. However, just because you don’t want it in the house does not mean you can leave it in the street. Whether it is for sale or free is irrelevant. Such action can be considered fly-tipping. Therefore, you may encounter similar consequences, including fines.

Reliable rubbish clearance in Lincoln

At Lincs Rubbish Clearance, we can offer a solution for any amount of waste. For small jobs we can supply a van and a team to clear everything. If there is more rubbish to deal with, we can provide lorries with enough room for it. In addition, we can arrange skip hire if it is the best option for you.

If you are after a service that is second to none, please get in touch with us. We will attend to all your specifications and provide the best rubbish clearance Lincoln has. We will also ensure all of your rubbish is handled properly.