The truth about food and drink waste disposal

We make it our mission to provide services for waste clearance Lincoln residents can count on. Our team understands that not everyone knows how to properly handle this job. With our assistance however, things will go smoothly. We will do everything correctly, from the disposal to the recycling of every eligible item.

Having worked with skips for many years, we have had ours returned to us with many interesting items inside. Something people often ask is what can and can’t you dispose of in a skip. Some types of waste generate more confusion than others do. Organic materials certainly fall into this category. Primarily, we are talking about food and drink waste. We get plenty of queries about whether you can place this in skips. In short, they can. Let’s dive a little deeper into this subject.

There is more to food and drink waste

Waste clearance LincolnOn paper, food and drink waste seems like a straightforward term. But, numerous categories exist that make things more complex. We define this as being products that you dispose of because of they are uneaten, wastage, or loss.

Wrap said that we produce more than 9.5 million tons of food waste each year in the UK. Sadly, we are throwing away a massive amount of products. Since so much goes every year, skips can be an efficient means of disposing of additional waste. This is particularly true for commercial businesses.

If yours is a normal household, you might have to get rid of some extra bags of household rubbish. It could be Christmas and your regular bin is full. In this situation, putting the refuse in a skip is perfectly acceptable. Just remember to be careful as you don’t want to attract lots of pests.

Many skip hire requests are from commercial clients. Shops, pubs, and breweries look to use skips to get rid of huge amounts of waste. It is acceptable to use them for food waste too. Contact us if you need help from the best company working in waste clearance Lincoln has.

Anaerobic digestion

Since we are getting rid of so much food waste here, we need to do so correctly. In the UK, most of this rubbish goes to the incinerator or to landfill. Neither option benefits the environment. One alternative would be to use an anaerobic digestion facility. This procedure is where you break down organic matter to create bio fertiliser and bio gas. It actively produces energy and is more suitable for the environment.

Waste clearance in Lincoln to help with your issues

At LRCS we provide services to help people who are struggling with disposing of their waste. Our people shall arrive by appointment and do all they can to accommodate your needs. This could be filling a van or providing a skip. The goal is to get rid of everything for you at once to save time and money.

So, if you wish to work with us, please give the team a call. You can ask us about our services and see why we are the top name for waste clearance Lincoln has. You can even rely on us if you need a bespoke service.