There are many different reasons why people use house clearance

Because we provide the house clearance Lincoln trusts, a lot of residents love to depend on our premier work. Most people believe that the sole reason for needing a service like ours is when someone has passed away and left a property behind. While this is a good example, there are a number of other potential reasons as to why people might come to us.

Moving House

It could be that you are looking for a fresh start, downsizing, or going far away. In the majority of these situations those involved will want to avoid taking everything with them. The last thing they want is to find out the new home does not have enough space and becomes too cramped. If you are moving in with another person, then chances are you will not have enough room for the furniture you both own. It will have to go somewhere. When you are in a position like this, we can be there to do a thorough job.


Sometimes giving your home a new look can be an amazing idea. When you do this though, there is a chance that your furniture and other items will no longer look right. We can take away whatever you own that is no longer suitable. This way you can refresh your home while having confidence that we will recycle whatever we can through responsible methods.

Spring Clean

Despite what the name suggests, you can plan this for any time of year. A seasonal cleaning for your property can do wonders, especially if you find that clutter builds up with ease. We can help you dispose of the items you want us to at a time that is convenient for you. We will even finish by sweeping up to leave you with a clean space.

After A Death

This is a more common, but also the most difficult, reason for needing this service. Regardless of whether you need a single room clearing or the whole house, we can do this for you. We only begin after establishing what it is that you wish to keep to remain sensitive and unobtrusive.

When they want to work with courteous experts for house clearance Lincoln residents can call LRCS. Regardless of the circumstances, our team would love to help you however we can. So whether you have a query, need further convincing or are ready to get started, contact us.