Tips for bulky waste clearance

One of the biggest obstacles with house clearances is dealing with bulky waste. This kind of rubbish is often too big or unable to go in a wheelie bin. That means you need to find a different solution. Luckily, we can help by providing the best house clearance Lincoln has to offer. We are confident we can tackle most jobs.

What is bulky waste?

House clearance LincolnBefore we look at disposal options, it is a good idea to ensure you understand what this kind of waste actually is. It can be difficult to get a clear idea because clearance companies and councils can have a different view on it.

Councils look at bulky waste as items like old furniture, bathroom and kitchen fittings, flooring, mattresses, fence panels, and other items. However, they do not normally accept materials from home improvement including brick, tile, and concrete. Instead they class this as trade waste.

A clearance company on the other hand is more likely to accept all kinds of bulky waste, including items from home improvement. You just need to check what they will take. Many have their own facilities to process all of the rubbish.

What to do?

So, depending on what type of waste you have, you have multiple clearance options. You could take items to a local council site to dispose of them. However, this can require a lot of heavy lifting and driving to the site. You will also need a suitable vehicle.

Another option is to hire a clearance company to take care of everything. They can bring a vehicle, fill it, and leave the space clear for you. This is a fast, reliable option that can offer great value for money.

There are some other services you can also consider depending on what type of waste you have. For example, some retailers will offer a buy back service for old furniture. Or, you could contact a local charity shop to see if they offer a collection service. Many do if the items are resalable. There may also be special services for items like old white goods.

Arranging house clearance in Lincoln

LRCS is a company you can rely on if you want a professional service. We can clear all kinds of homes, regardless of how much waste there is. We can take any bulky items, meaning you only need to choose a single service from us.

So, speak to us if you want any help. We are the top name for house clearance Lincoln has and will ensure you get the best value for money. Just tell us a little more about the waste you need to get rid of and we can bring a suitable vehicle and enough people to clear it up.