Tips for fly prevention

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House clearance LincolnThe summer is the time of year the UK looks forward to the most. It is the best time to get outside and enjoy the weather. We can relax in the warm air and have fun with our families. Even better, it is the ideal time to bring out the barbecue. However, the warmer weather brings about certain problems. The appearance of flies is one of the most annoying issues.

These insects have a habit of overtaking our picnics and gardens during the summer. Even worse, they can make their presence known in our houses. Fortunately, we have some tips you can use to stop the flies from making a mess of things.

Cover bins

One thing you should do is cover your bins. As far as the condition of their dinner goes, flies are not fussy. Even the mouldiest of foods need to be covered. This includes everything in the bin and compost.

No Food sources

You should also remove food sources. Everyone should really do their best to clean as they go. However, this job is much more important in summer. Flies are going to be flying around trying to find any crumb they can get. To stop them, put away all the food you finish with. Give your surfaces a decent clean too. Rinse off your dirty plates as well instead of just leaving them around.


Another good idea would be to put them off by using lavender. This is a natural product that can be an effective tool against flies. These insects don’t like it at all. Therefore, you can try rubbing lavender oil on the doorways throughout your house. It is excellent for bedrooms too thanks to its sleep-inducing attributes.

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