The tricky parts of recycling wood

We are a business that devotes its time and resources to aiding clients in ridding their property of all undesired refuse. It matters little to us how filthy everything is; we consistently aim for first class results and sweep up after clearing. As one of the most well regarded companies specialising in rubbish clearance Lincoln has, we are the ones you should call when you feel that a clearout is needed.


The Environment Agency persists in its efforts to put limitations on the volumes of wood that is waiting to be recycled. As a result it has become far more challenging for organisations to repurpose all that has been accumulated. A huge concern for recycling wood is that there are a very limited number of wood-fired power plants here in the UK.


With only a small amount of individuals burning wood in an attempt to remain warm, the resulting waste is becoming expansive to recycle completely. Additionally, wood is turning into a more recurrent litter product that we see a lot during our rubbish clearance projects. There are facilities that simply can’t manage the material.


Another issue with wooden waste has to do with the grades. The lower grades, which include B, C, and D, normally originate from damaged materials. Because of this, they must go through additional recycling phases which some bodies aren’t equipped for.


As an establishment that commits itself fully to recycling however, we see to it that all timber is properly treated. After going through our personal licensed Waste Management Complex, we send the substances to a series of recycling specialists who process them further.


At Lincs Rubbish Clearance, we dedicate ourselves to recycling so much because we want customers to be confident in our ability to divert garbage away from landfill. Through these acts, we are doing our part to save the environment from long-term harm.


Our first rate services and green credentials have helped us to become the best team for rubbish clearance Lincoln has to offer. If you would like our team to help you with anything, please let us know. We are flexible and can schedule services to suit your needs.