Understand why you must keep construction waste down

We are a local family run business that exists to provide the finest skip hire Lincoln has to give. In addition to the main city, we also respond to calls coming from the surrounding towns and villages. As well as being friendly, our approach is an environmentally friendly one. All of the waste we collect goes to our licensed waste management facility. This is an alternative to the landfill, so it is much greener.

Construction projects are common in the UK, whether it is a small scale extension or a huge new build. No matter what kind of project it is though, you must know how to minimise the waste you produce. This is essential, even if you are using our services to clear up.

Waste factors into a project’s costs

Skip hire LincolnYou might be surprised to hear this, but the waste from these projects is expensive to deal with. It costs around 1.7% of the construction budget. This might not appear like much if you are overseeing a smaller scale home project. However, it can be a huge dent for the funding of projects costing millions. It only gets worse when you think about the fact that standard housebuilding projects come with normal waste costs of roughly 3.1%.

This should be reason enough to cut down on the waste. But if it is not, the construction industry holds responsibility for 32% of the UK’s landfills. This is according to the Environmental Agency.


Another reason why you should keep the waste down is workplace safety. Having a large quantity of construction rubbish on site can lead to all sorts of health hazards. There could be tripping risks or the area itself might just be unsafe in general. By limiting the construction litter, you will be able to keep your team safe.

Arrange the best skip hire in Lincoln

At Lincs Rubbish Clearance Services, we deliver our skips six days a week. Furthermore, we can provide clients with a filling service if they require it. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your requirements as well, regardless of what they are.

Start taking advantage of the highest quality skip hire Lincoln has today by contacting our team. We can provide the most flexible service for you.