Why is some waste prohibited from skips?

Providing the very best waste clearance Lincoln clients could ask for has always given us much pride. Our main view is to make sure all rubbish is managed properly and professionally, while supplying our skips at affordable rates. With smaller models for small house renovations and large sized modules for big construction jobs, you will find something suitable no matter the project.


There are a range of rules in regards to what can and cannot be put in a skip. If the waste can cause harm to anyone or the environment then it’s not appropriate. This kind of rubbish can include freezers, fridges, tyres, asbestos, paint, chemicals and fluorescent lights.


Another reason why skip hire and waste clearance companies don’t accept certain items is they may lack particular facilities to deal with them. It is best to work with a company that can provide the right disposal method for every item, especially when it is recycling.


Here at LCRS, we always suggest to clients to only place objects that we permit in skips. If you are not certain of whether or not some of your waste is allowed to be placed in there, get in contact with us and we’ll let you know. We can provide you with all the necessary information prior to hiring with us, this way you can let us know if there are items requiring specialist disposal.


Also, another thing we always reiterate to clients when loading the skip is to do so carefully. People do tend to throw around waste, but it is quite important to ensure every item is suitable for disposing it in this manner. In addition, the more careful you are with loading items, the more you will be able to fit in the module.


If you require a fast and efficient way of disposing large amounts of waste, then please get in contact with us here at LCRS. We can arrange skip hire or the best waste clearance Lincoln clients could ask for in our vans or lorries. We even offer a specialised service where we do the tidying up for you!