We are committed to recycling and reducing landfill

All waste collected is sorted by hand and separated for recycling at our own licensed Waste Management Facility. It is then passed on to various recycle businesses to be further processed. This approach helps to prevent as much waste as possible ending up in landfill.

So all customers can be assured that as much of their waste as possible is recycled in a meticulous manner.

  • We are 100% committed to recycling and the responsible disposal of waste
  • We are 100% committed to the management and recycling of waste more effectively
  • We are 100% committed to reducing the amount sent to landfill
  • All the waste we collect, is sorted by hand at our licensed Waste Management Facility, so you can rest assured that as much of your waste as possible is recycled and prevented from going to landfill
  • By maximizing recycling, thus reducing landfill, we are helping to minimise long term environmental damage and thereby helping to save our environment
  • Environment Agency registered
  • Fully licensed Waste Management Facility
  • Registered Waste Carriers and Brokers


GreenUsesForWaste is a one-stop resource for anyone looking for help with the re-use strand of their commitment to reducing, re-using and recycling. By getting the most out of every item and product that you use, you’ll prevent waste from going to landfill and make sure energy is only used on recycling when something really can’t be used anymore. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to use a specific item or just want inspiration on how to reduce your waste by re-using, GreenUsesForWaste is for you. We’ve got tips, advice and information on issues varying from re-using waste paper to hosting your own clothes swapping party. We cover topics as broad as re-using waste from seasonal events and making the most of natural resources by using renewable energy. GreenUsesForWaste is written by people with a genuine interest in and passion for reducing waste by finding creative ways to get the most out of everyday items. We’re always looking for new ideas too, so if there’s something you’d like to see us covering, do write in, send us your story or ask our experts.