What happens to returned items?

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One subject we feel needs discussing is returned items and landfill. With online shopping activity only increasing every year, many people have begun questioning its environmental impact. Whether you change your mind, buy something in haste, or have something in the wrong size, people often return orders. One estimation puts the figure at a staggering 30%. For comparison, physical retailer product returns are around 9%.


Things don’t go the way you think they do


If your item is not faulty, it can be easy to assume that returns go back into the warehouse. They will probably go to the next buyer, right? Wrong. Many perfectly saleable items go straight into a local landfill. This happens all around the world.

The majority of businesses lack the logistics to properly take care of many returns. They are taken care of differently if you compare to imperfect or faulty goods. Many items go to the landfill because the businesses find it more cost effective.

Clothes are among the most common objects bought online. Some people order in several sizes, with the intention of returning the wrong ones. This may seem like a good alternative to changing rooms. However, the obsession with online clothes shopping is filling up our landfills. Some retailers like ASOS have taken steps to tackle this problem though. To properly overcome it, more will need to follow their example.

What can I do?

As for what you can do with unwanted online shopping items, there are several potential options. Re-gifting is one example. Even if the item does not suit you, it could be great for a friend or family member. This will avoid the issue of last-minute scrambling for presents too.

Or, you could try reselling. There are plenty of services you can use to do this, including eBay, Shpock, and social media.

You can also take the charity donation route. While you may not get your money back, it is a really nice thing to do for the environment and charities. In charity shops, newer items go for higher prices too. As a result, more money will go to a great cause.

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