What is rubbish?

At LRCS we strive to provide waste solutions that benefit our clients and the environment. We have excellent green credentials, prioritising recycling and upcycling rather than simple bulk disposal. This is better for the environment and saves resources. At the same time, we can clear properties effectively. As a result, when it comes to waste clearance, Lincoln has no better team to call.

Is it actually rubbish?

Some people get confused when they have to decide what is and isn’t rubbish. In many cases it is a matter of perspective. If you have an item you no longer have a use for, it is rubbish to you. However, that does not mean everyone else will feel the same. Some items can still have value to other people. You should think about this before you simply throw everything away.

Different types

Rubbish clearance LincolnIt is also worth remembering there are different types of rubbish. The waste can have different residual value depending on what type it is.

The first type is domestic. This includes any waste that comes from your home, from rubbish like food packaging to old clothes and even furnishings. Many of these items can have a lot of value to other people. Therefore you may want to look at alternatives to taking them to landfill.

The second type of waste is industrial or commercial. This can include any rubbish that comes from a business premises or organisations like schools. Again there can be many resources here that have some value that can stay out of landfill and go to better purposes.

The final type is hazardous. This can include different types of materials that you can find in homes as well as commercial premises and public buildings. It is any product that could cause harm to people or the environment. Even if an item only contains a small amount, it is classed as hazardous. You cannot take this to landfill and need to choose suitable disposal services.

The substances

It is also important to keep in mind that rubbish can be made of various different substances. There are two broad categories to keep in mind here; biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

It is more acceptable to simply throw away biodegradable rubbish because it will eventually break down. This ensures there will be no lasting damage to the environment. However, it is still worth thinking about recycling. Things like paper for example can break down but have more value as recyclables.

Non-biodegradable items are ones you should never just throw away because they won’t break down. As a result they can damage the environment and harm people and wildlife. The better option here is to recycle what you can, including glass, metals, and plastics.

Arranging rubbish clearance in Lincoln when you need it

LRCS understands that many people can have an issue with clearances because they don’t know what is and isn’t rubbish. Plus, it can be tricky to decide on the best way to dispose of many materials. Luckily, we can help. We offer reliable services and work hard to make sure we dispose of everything properly in a way that is as green as possible.

So, if they need rubbish clearance Lincoln clients know they can rely on us. We can tackle any project, from full house clearances to smaller jobs. Get in touch today to learn more.