You shouldn’t burn your waste

In many cases, people choose to use a skip to help them dispose of their waste. However, there are those who would prefer not to use one. This may be because they don’t have space for the module. In this case, we have another solution. LRCS provides the best services for rubbish clearance Lincoln has to offer. We can bring a suitable vehicle, fill it with waste, and promptly take it away for you.


Presently, people in Europe are burning more than 80 million tonnes of waste per year. There are some people who choose to burn rubbish in their garden. Some companies even burn waste to generate energy in the process. However, burning may not actually be the best strategy. Read on to discover the reasons why.

It can be wasteful

One reason is that burning waste is actually wasteful. Municipal rubbish normally includes substances like glass, paper, and plastic. A massive chunk of these materials are suitable for recycling. Therefore, by burning them, you are undermining efforts to conserve reusable resources. It is much better to sort items carefully and recycle everything you can.

Toxic emissions

Another reason is that burning waste can create toxic emissions. It is hazardous for the environment and our own health. The pollutants can contaminate water, soil, and air. As a result it is even possible for them to end up in the food chain. Potential health problems include irregular heartbeats and decreased lung functions.

Climate issues

rubbish clearance LincolnLast but not least, burning waste makes the climate change issue worse. It is not exactly environmentally friendly. If you are thinking of using an incinerator, you should know they emit more CO2 than certain power plants. This includes oil, natural gas, or coal powered facilities.

At LRCS, we use a van, lorry, or skip to dispose of your waste. Our services are fast and very reliable. You can also expect us to clean up after ourselves. A quick sweep can make a space clean and clear for new use.

We are proud to supply the highest quality rubbish clearance Lincoln has available. Get in touch if you want to find out more.