Zero waste student living

Waste clearance LincolnWe know how integral skips have become to waste disposal efforts. Since many people take part in large projects, they produce a lot of rubbish. To help things go more smoothly, we provide them with the perfect way to remove it from a site. As the number one company for skip hire Lincoln has, we have many different skips available in various sizes.

When it is time for university, many people leave home for the first time and start living independently. There are several details you must think about during this time. Carbon footprint is one of them. As you gain independence, it is vital to be aware of global warming and plastic pollution. One way you can do your part is by living a zero waste lifestyle. Even with a small budget, it is possible for a student to do this.

What is this lifestyle like?

Firstly, let’s discuss what this lifestyle is. It is a cause and movement committed to lowering the amount we throw away and consume. This is meant to lead to an environmentally friendlier life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lead a waste free life. Such a thing would be more or less impossible. Instead, you must make an effort to lower the rubbish you discard and resources you consume. The following are tips you can use if you want to try this for yourself.

Shop together

One thing you can do is food shop with your flatmates. The UK wastes over £10billion worth of food on average yearly. Consumers often end up purchasing more than they need in a single shop. Anyone living with other students should think about doing the food shop together. You can save money and bond whilst cooking with one another. Of course, you will be reducing your carbon footprint by going in a single vehicle too.

Make a few easy swaps

You can also try making some easy swaps. It is often the case that the smallest changes make the biggest differences. Many of them don’t require much effort either. Some examples include investing in reusable coffee cups and water bottles. You can also try reusable shopping bags.

Use a skip

If you need to, you can hire a skip too. In certain instances, you might move into a property that has waste left by the last tenants. Alternatively, you could be the one leaving and you have a lot to dispose of. In both scenarios, hiring skips make sense. You will be able to gather up all the waste swiftly and have our professional team dispose of everything.

First class skip hire in Lincoln

At LRCS we are able to deliver skips six days a week depending on availability. Furthermore, we offer our clients a skip filling service. Everything we collect goes to our licensed Waste Management Facility. Here, we sort the items by hand and recycle as much as we can. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

So, if you need the foremost services for skip hire Lincoln has, make sure you let us know. We can even arrange clearance services for end of tenancy.